Success Pack - Dedicated Consultants

Empower Your Projects with Expert Hands

Why Choose Our Success Packs​?

Expert Guidance at Every Step Our seasoned consultants bring their wealth of knowledge and industry experience to ensure your projects are implemented smoothly and effectively.

Flexible and Scalable Solutions Choose from a variety of pack options designed to match your project scale and complexity. From quick setups to extensive integrations, scale your support as you grow.

Comprehensive Service Offerings From initial setup and configuration to advanced customization and ongoing support, our Success Packs cover all aspects of your business transformation. 

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Our Success Packages


Duration: 25 hours

Includes: In addition to implementation packs, our dedicated consultant shall help you configure a simple business process such as Sales, Services or HR etc

Best for: Small implementations, and foundational supports


Duration: 50 hours

Includes: All in the starter pack, our dedicated consultant can help you with complex business processes such as Sales & Services, HR & Finance, Sales & Inventory etc

Best for:  Medium implementations, more extensive integrations


Duration: 100 hours

Includes: All in growth pack, our dedicated consultant can help you with setting up business flows of major business modules such as Sales, Services, HR, Finance or Production.

Best for:  Full-scale implementations, advanced development


Duration: 200 hours

Includes: All in Enterprise pack, and we can provide you to develop custom features, modules, reports and  automation of major business processes. 

Best for:  Full-scale implementations, advanced development