Transforming Wind Energy Advanced Digital Twin Solutions

Dive into our pioneering advancements tailored for smart industrial operations across manufacturing, shipping, and energy sectors, all amplified by AWS IoT Twinmaker.

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Journey to The Future of Industrial Energy 

In the midst of our rapidly advancing technological era, harnessing wind energy has evolved far beyond mere turbines and breezes.

At Hundred Solutions, we champion the immense potential of wind energy, merging its raw force with pioneering technological breakthroughs, epitomized by our collaboration with AWS IoT Twinmaker.

Our latest Proof of Concept (PoC) not only underscores our transformative approach to renewable energy but also highlights how our innovative solutions can be tailored to power the next generation of industrial applications.

a wind turbine with red and white stripes on it

Digital Twins: Beyond Just Wind Energy 

The Digital Twin revolution is here. It’s breathing new life into sectors like manufacturing, shipping, and energy: 


From wind turbines to intricate factory machinery and grand shipping vessels, our digital replicas mirror reality.

Component Types

Advanced connectors ensure real-time data streams from diverse operational points.


Real-time visualization of operations, from turbine movements to manufacturing line productivity.