The Future of Property Visualization & Collaboration: Features that Redefine the Real Estate Industry

In the digital age, the way properties are presented, explored, and collaborated upon has changed dramatically. The contemporary buyer or collaborator no longer relies just on static images and descriptions; they're looking for an immersive and interactive experience. And that's precisely what today's tools offer. Let's dive deep into some transformative features that are reshaping the property industry:

1. Crafting a Story about Your Space:

  • Dollhouse Views: No longer limited to children's play, this feature offers a miniature, 3D view of properties, providing an all-encompassing perspective at a glance.
  • Google Street View Integration: Explore the surrounding neighborhood without ever leaving your seat. This integration lets prospective buyers or tenants understand the location better.
  • Guided Tours: No need for scheduled site visits. Now, potential customers can take a virtual guided tour of the property, ensuring they don't miss out on any details.
  • Tags: Mark specific points or features within the property to highlight unique selling points or areas of interest.

2. Collaboration Made Easy:

  • Measurement Mode: Whether you're planning to place furniture or need specific dimensions, the measurement mode ensures you have all the details right.
  • Views: Collaborators can save specific views or angles of the property that they find most appealing or relevant.
  • Notes: Communication is vital. Leave notes for team members or clients directly within the virtual space for clear, context-specific feedback.

3. Designed for Professionals:

  • Schematic Floor Plans: Dive deep into detailed, schematic floor plans that provide clarity about property layout and design.
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling): This is a game-changer for construction and real estate professionals, offering a 3D model-based process that gives insights into the architectural, engineering, and construction details of the property.
  • E57 Integration: Ensure that your property visuals are compatible and can be integrated with industry-standard formats like E57.

4. Enterprise-Grade Features:

  • Robust Security: Safeguarding property details and client information is paramount. Enterprise-level security ensures that all data is protected against unauthorized access.
  • Management & Permissions: Decide who gets to see what. With customizable permissions, you have control over the access level of each team member or external collaborator.
  • Private Model Embed: Want to showcase your property on your website or portal? Embed the model privately, ensuring only the intended audience gets to explore it.


The future of real estate and construction collaboration is here. With these dynamic and interactive features, stakeholders can not only visualize but also experience properties like never before. As the line between the physical and digital worlds continues to blur, are you equipped with the right tools to stay ahead?

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The Future of Property Visualization & Collaboration: Features that Redefine the Real Estate Industry
Hundred Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Ivita Manglesh March 31, 2024
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